Discover Your Life Purpose Through Spiritual Guidance

Introductory Course

This course is a recording of a live course I presented on my exclusive Discover Your Life Purpose in 30 Days course Facebook page. The material references our Q&A which were only available if you took the course live.  These videos are being released at a discounted price for you to be able to gain this information and knowledge for your own journey.  For more information contact Mitzi Wood at 210-560-7912.  Also, join my Facebook page at so that you may keep up with additional services and workshops available.

This spiritually guided course will help you find your life purpose by helping you understand what gets in the way of finding your purpose.  The course is 4 sessions.

Topics included, but are not limited to...

Identifying Limiting Beliefs about money, relationships, career, and lifestyle

Replacing and shifting old beliefs with new more positive ones

Dealing with Fear and Self-Sabotage

Clearing Negative Energy through a focused healing meditation that follows each session

And finding your Life Purpose

This is the first of a series of workshops developed to help you along your spiritual journey.

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Mitzi Wood
Mitzi Wood
Spiritual Instructor

About the instructor

Mitzi is the owner of Harmony Transformational Healing.  With over 25 years of experience Mitzi is an innovator in the world of spiritual communication.  She has the unique gift of being able to relate spiritual knowledge from her Source to help connect you with your spiritual guidance, access your life purpose,and live a more connected life.  Mitzi Z. Wood has been a Reiki Master, teacher, and practitioner since 1988 and incorporates her spiritual knowledge with her Reiki healing and traditional counseling background to give you a holistic healing experience.

What's included?

4 Videos

Course Curriculum

Learn How To Identify and Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Living Your Life Purpose with Spiritual Guidance

If you are feeling stuck, lacking motivation, or looking for something more in your life then this course is for you.  Sign up today and begin your journey of self exploration and self discovery.

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